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Welcome to AmeriChicken

A Premier Wholesale Poultry Provider

Our Mission:

At Americhicken, our mission is to deliver exceptional, value-added chicken products to independent food service providers. We achieve this by ensuring our products offer superior flavor, consistent quality, and competitive pricing, available through most national distributors.

Who We Serve:

Our distinctive chicken products, including breast fillets, wings, and chicken strips, are distributed nationwide through Quick Service Restaurants, Convenience Stores, and grocery delis. We ensure exceptional flavor and consistent quality across all the markets we serve.


We have high quality control standards to give you the best product possible.


We deliver consistent piece sizes and piece counts that help control food costs.


We listen to your individual needs and provide a product that best fits those needs.

National Distribution

We service all 50 states and abroad.

Research & Development

Our R&D department is able to produce unique products that meet our customer’s needs.

Welcome to AmeriChicken
A Premier Wholesale Poultry Provider

AmeriChicken customers know that our chicken products provide value because of our quality and consistency standards. We back our products with a knowledgeable sales and customer service team that deliver personalized solutions for every customer. During our three generations in the wholesale poultry industry we have consistently raised the bar for poultry products and streamlined the process for hundreds of grocery delis, restaurants, and convenience stores.

Our breaded chicken tenderloins, breast filets, and boneless wings provide excellent taste, consistent piece counts, and an unbeatable cornflake breading. Our whole line of chicken products are held to the same Quality Assurance Standards so that they all provide value through quality and consistency. Our line of frozen entrees and casseroles are great as stand alone products and offer a great compliment to many proteins. Most importantly, our customer service employees know our clients, they speak their language, and are empowered to resolve the few problems that arise.

If you want better control over your food costs through products that will satisfy your patron’s discriminating tastes, call us today to taste what you’ve been missing.


Industries Served

Traditional Foodservice

Our consistent sized pieces help control food costs. Now, that’s easy.

Grocery Deli

Our chicken and casseroles will make your grocery deli the go to place for family get togethers, church potlucks, and Saturday afternoon picnics.

Convenience Stores

Treat your patrons to quality, fresh tastes each time they visit your restaurant.


We offer superior taste, texture, and extended hold times. Now that’s a touchdown.


Serve tasty, quality products to your students and faculty. That will definitely give you an A+.

100% Natural Products


USDA Approved Organic


Made In USA
100% High Quality, No Antibiotics, No GMOS, No Hormones