About AmeriChicken

As a third generation poultry producer, Matthew Ochs created AmeriChicken Inc. in 2000, his vision was to focus on the innovation and value that further processed chicken creates for traditional and non-traditional foodservice.

AmeriChicken’s mission and company philosophy: Create strong partnerships through the production of exceptional products and by providing great customer service.

At AmeriChicken we understand the importance of serving a great tasting product with excellent texture, consistent portion sizes, accurate food costs, and extended hold times. We also understand the importance of flexible minimum orders, so no matter how big or small your organization is, we can help you. With distribution nationwide and abroad, you can expect quality and consistency no matter where you are.

With a dedication to caring for our environment, supply chain, and our customers, we continually seek eco-friendly processes at each stage of production, from development through distribution. We partner with regional suppliers to maximize fuel efficiency, Filter our water as it exits our facilities into municipal treatment centers, and all of our suppliers comply with current animal welfare regulations and are encouraged to also recycle, reduce and reuse. The AmeriChicken commitment to the environment is just as valued as our commitment to our customers.